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Intro to Criminal Justice

Professor Chiarlitti

Research Newspaper #2

Usa v. Lopez

High school senior Alfonso Lopez of Edison High hidden a. 37 caliber sublevarse into college on Drive 10, 1992. Although this individual did have five carts and catomizers, the firearm was not loaded. Lopez advised authority that he was to supply the gun in exchange to get 40 dollars. He was trapped by specialist because of anonymous tips by fellow classmates. He was confronted and opened up to the criminal offense. He was recharged with a possession of a firearm in school premises”. Lopez questioned that what was done to him was totally unconstitutional.

He thought it was unconstitutional since " it can be unconstitutional since it is beyond the potency of Congress to legislate control of our general public schools. " (http://law2.umkc.edu/faculty/projects/ftrials/conlaw/lopez.html) After he was billed, the next day, the prices were decreased after federal agents recharged the surveys takers with a violation of the " Gun-Free University Zones Work of 1990”. The motion was refused because " it is a metabolic rate exercise of congress clear power to control activities affecting commerce as well as the business u elementary, middle section and high-schools affects interstate commerce. ” (http://law2.umkc.edu/faculty/projects/ftrials/conlaw/lopez.html) Which has a 5-4 decision at hand, the Supreme Court confirmed the choice of the court docket of speaks. The fact was held that although the congress did have a general lawmaking authority under their commerce offer, power was limited and did not expand any further after that commerce to authorize any carrying of guns. Lopez proceeded to waive his right to a jury trial so the court docket conducted a bench trial and found him guilty. He was sentenced to six months of imprisonment along with two full numerous years of supervised release.

With The Gun Free Universities Act, Our elected representatives made it an offense of national level " for any person knowingly to get a firearm at a place which the individual...


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