Rational Single Process (RUP) is a bundle distributed by APPLE. The Logical Unified Method (RUP) is an iterative software development process platform created by the Rational Software program Corporation, a division of IBM. RUP is usually not a single concrete prescriptive process, but rather an flexible process platform, which is designed by the creation organizations and software project teams that could select the elements of the process that are appropriate for their needs. The product includes a hyperlinked expertise base with sample artifacts and detailed descriptions for most different types of actions. RUP is included in the IBM Rational Method Composer (RMC) product which allows customization with the process. RUP is based on a collection of building blocks, or content factors, describing precisely what is to be developed, the necessary skills required and the step-by-step explanation describing just how specific expansion goals need to be achieved. The primary building blocks, or perhaps content factors, are: Roles (who) – A Role defines a set of related skills, competencies, and tasks. Work Items (what) – A Work Merchandise represents anything resulting from a task, including all of the documents and models made while doing work through the method. Tasks (how) – A job describes one of work designated to a Part that provides a meaningful consequence. Within every single iteration, the tasks are classified into nine disciplines: 6 " executive disciplines" (Business Modeling, Requirements, Analysis and Design, Setup, Test, Deployment) and 3 supporting disciplines (Configuration and Change Management, Job Management, Environment). The use of they is not really standardized and is also subject to meaning. Some retailers may prepare report mock-ups. I have frequently seen these types of done in Exceed. These could possibly be part of the appendix to the requirements documents. The requirements should be a information in nontechnical terms (" English”) of the business rules being implemented. These...


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