Prologue [How this speech had become composed—and not delivered] [1: ] On Dec 12, 1935, I received the following page from Mister. Sant Ram, the Admin of the Jat - Terry - Todak Mandal:

My personal dear Doctor Saheb,

Thanks for your kind letter of the 5th January. I have released it pertaining to press with out your agreement for which I beg the pardon, ?nternet site saw zero harm in giving it advertising. You best thinker, and it is my well-considered opinion that non-e different has analyzed the problem of Caste so deeply as you may have. I use always taken advantage of myself and our Mandal from your ideas. I have described and preached it inside the Kranti often times and I possess even lectured on it in several Conferences. I am today very anxious to read the exposition of your new formula—" It is not conceivable to break Famille without annihilating the faith based notions which it, the Caste system, is founded. " Make sure you do make clear it in length in your earliest comfort, so that we may take the idea and emphasise that from press and system. At present, it is not necessarily fully very clear to me. *****

Our Professional Committee is persistant in having you as the President to get our Gross annual Conference. We can change the dates to allow your convenience. Independent Harijans of Punjab are very much desirous to fulfill you and discuss with you their plans. If you kindly acknowledge our demand and come to Lahore to preside over the Conference it will serve double goal. We will certainly invite Harijan leaders of shades of judgment and you will acquire an opportunity of giving your ideas to them. The Mandal has deputed our Assistant Secretary, Mister. Indra Singh, to meet you at Bombay in Christmas and discuss with you the complete situation with a view to persuade you to make sure you accept our request.


[2: ] The Jat - Dab - Todak Mandal I had been given to appreciate to be a business of Caste Hindu Cultural Reformers, with all the one and only purpose, namely, to eradicate the Caste System from numerous Hindus. Generally speaking, I do not like to take virtually any part in a movement which can be carried on by Caste Hindus. Their attitude towards sociable reform is indeed different from mine that I have got found it difficult to pull on with these people. Indeed, We find their particular company quite uncongenial in my experience on account of our differences of opinion. As a result when the Mandal first came up to me, I rejected their invites to preside. The Mandal, however , probably would not take a refusal from me personally, and dispatched down the members to Bombay to press myself to accept the invitation. Ultimately I decided to preside. The Annual Meeting was to always be held by Lahore, the headquarters from the Mandal. The Conference was going to meet at Easter, but was subsequently delayed to the middle of May well 1936.

[3: ] The Reception Panel of the Mandal has now terminated the Conference. The see of termination came long after my Presidential address had been printed. The copies of this address are lying beside me. As I did not get a way to deliver the addresses from the presidential chair, people has not recently had an opportunity to know my thoughts about the problems created by the Body System. To leave the public find out them, as well as dispose of the printed clones which are resting on my hand, I have decided to put the branded copies from the address on the market. The associated pages develop the text of these address.

[4: ] The public will be wondering to know what led to the cancellation of my appointment as the President with the Conference. In the beginning, a argument arose within the printing with the address. We desired the fact that address must be printed in Bombay. The Mandal desired that it ought to be printed in Lahore, on the grounds of economy. I did not agree, and insisted upon having this printed in Bombay. Rather than their uniting to my own proposition, I actually received a letter fixed by several members from the Mandal, from which I supply the following remove:


Adored Dr . Ji,

Your notice of the twenty fourth instant tackled to Sjt. Sant Memory has been shown to...


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