Kamikaze Girls

Style is a full combination of the way a person dresses, speaks, moves their body or perhaps does anything at all for that matter. Like a piece of art, that evokes other's thoughts, viewpoints, emotions, interests, values, and so forth Everything on the exterior is a simple reflection of what and who a person is on the inside, like Momoko, who is the main focus of the motion picture in Loco Girls. Momoko is just like any other ordinary young lady; trying to find their self through style. The movie begins with a flash-forward of Momoko getting hit by a car while generating her mokick. Flying throughout the air, the girl reflects on her past and introduces her background and before life. Since the movie sensations back, your woman takes us to the Rococo era in France which can be the time make of where Momoko wishes she had resided. Soon after, film production company is back in to the recent times wherever Momoko hails from the country, dresses in the feminine Lolita style clothes and obsesses more than her beloved store Baby, the Stars Glow Bright, in Tokyo. The main reason Momoko would like to live in the Rococo time is because the style and style back then suit her finest, whereas the design she is surrounded by at home disgusts her because, to her, everybody is unfashionable and get all their garments from the local superstore. Whilst trying to increase money to back up her pricey taste in fashion, she comes across Ichigo, a " Yanki” biker gang member who have basically conveys herself through spitting and violence. Momoko is disgusted at first, the natural way, but the two girls sooner or later become friends. Through their particular discoveries regarding themselves as they traveled Tokyo for new fashions, they become rich. Similar to Momoko, I have likewise discovered me through vogue. Most of my fashion changes where when I was in central school. I do believe the reason my style altered so much in that time was because that was when not simply my body was going through improvements, but I used to be constantly moving over the sets of friends I used to be hanging...


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