The treasure of lemon dark brown essay In Walter Dean Myer's account The Value of " lemon " Brown a youngster named Greg meets Lemon Brown and shows him a lessons about what is actually valuable in your life. The story is usually where Greg is faltering math fantastic father says he won't be able to play athletics till this individual get a better grade in math. Following his daddy gave him a long spiel till this individual pushed the button within the bell designated Ridley. Thought of the address he realized his father would give him, and smiled. That day Greg learned that " Everyman has a treasure” after going for walks into a vintage abandon apartment where he detects an old blues singer called lemon dark brown. Greg's terms and actions tell me that he was only a boy who have doesn't understand everything till it is educated. In a account the words and actions let you know a lot regarding someone's previous or present. Maybe actually their persona. But in my opinion the hire words will be the most important important of having a great story. In the story this explain just how Greg's persona was when he left the building explaining how " The dark heavens, filled with irritated, swirling clouds”. Telling myself that having been an average one who was most likely was kid who constantly pays attention to the things that are usually more important things is obviously. but at the end of the account Greg individuality change cause his actions at the end was a lot totally different from the beginning cause it declared he was happy to listen to his father spiel him. Individuals have the power to get anyone to tell someone own the case personality. Well in Greg's eyes he received lemon brownish to show his true persona. Within the history Greg helped lemon darkish shows his persona. When ever hiding within the abandon house. Greg requires lemon darkish what was his treasure very well into the story lemon brown pulled out his treasure. Greg was shock to see what lemon brown's treasure was. It become a harmonica and a few newspaper publishers. well it absolutely was his son's treasure which will showed...


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