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Marketing to attract the right prospect

Simplifying and efficiency recruitment and application operations

What had been your recruitment and assortment challenges and objectives? Via 2004 to 2005 Queensland Corrective Services (QCS) have been reviewing and refining it is strategies for taking care of offenders to enhance community protection and criminal offenses prevention through humane containment, supervision and targeted surgery. During this period we noticed that it had been becoming more hard to attract satisfactory numbers and quality of suitable job seekers for empty positions.

We were experiencing challenges attracting candidates for basic custodial positions, as well as professional positions including psychologists, healthcare professionals, program officials, and copie and losung officers. We had also expanded our providers into rural and remote communities just like Mornington Isle, Doomadgee, Normanton, Thursday Area and Mt Isa and we needed to attract the right quality and amount of applicants to deliver our providers to these areas.

We checked out several strategies to improve appeal and retention across all role types. We accepted the need to treat our picture as an organisation to attract the different types of candidates we were looking pertaining to. With this in mind, we set out to:

All of us recognised

the need to

address the

image because an


Improve recruitment and selection techniques and the approach jobs were described

Attract a lot of right people to the agency

Improve public awareness of the task diversity inside the agency, and

Alter our graphic and alter perceptions of the internal and external time market.

What did one does?

Branding and profiling to draw the right persons

We involved a recruiting, advertising and communications consultancy to help all of us assess the way we were recognized in the community and suggest ways of address relevant findings. The consultancy was asked to:

Discover what people thought about us in general, both external and internal, and

Identify what attracted visitors to work for the agency and what converted people removed from applying for careers with us.

The consultancy done focus organizations representing several occupations within the organisation to recognize what personnel liked and did not really like about working in the agency. Emphasis group periods were held across the state. Individuals were asked questions masking four designs: •

What sorts of awareness do individuals have about QCS?

What do candidates and employees most want and need?

What does QCS have to offer to its personnel?

Who will be the ideal staff?

Key conclusions from the external focus groupings found that QCS was perceived as: •

a dangerous work place

having boring jobs

officers working with clientele who failed to want help

not much more than a prison service, and

at the end of the pecking order in the social justice area.

Nevertheless the big interest for existing employees was your diversity of they undertook in their jobs, the companionship and crew work, the working environment was quite secure, and that it was a vital community service.

Members acknowledged which the agency presented opportunities intended for better work-life balance, work security, regular training and development, prestigious superannuation plan, a range of allowances, and salary restricting options. Just read was seen as critical factors when marketing jobs.

Through the focus group sessions a profile of the suitable employee was also developed. It was referred to as:

someone who wants to make a difference to offenders' lives as well as the community

is a team member

includes a sense of humour

has maturity and existence skills

maintains professional boundaries, and

can read persons and control situations.

The findings from...


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